Air bubbles injected with vaccine?

My cat got his rabies and fvrcp vaccine today. I interrupted the vet because she had a rather large air bubble in the syringe. She said there was nothing to worry about and injected him anyway. Now he’s extremely sore and cries when I pick him up. My other cat was vaccinated (without a noticeable air bubble) and he’s not sore in the least. Could this cause any major issues other than soreness? Please tell me I’m worried about nothing. I’ve never not removed the air from a syringe before vaccinating the horses.

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If the injection was given subcutaneously or IM a small air bubble shouldn’t be an issue. Some just react differently than others.


The cat was likely vaccinated subcutaneously, so no issue at all.
Even if it were IM, it would not cause any significant problem.


He seems to be feeling better this morning. Ate his breakfast and was begging for more. I was a bit worried last night as his appetite was off. He didn’t come for supper and he always is the first to eat.

That could well be a generalized reaction to either/both the stress of the office visit and the immune response to the vaccine.