Air Ride in new horse trailer (not retrofit) - yay or neigh?

I’ve ordered a new 6H H2H Equispirit, to be completed in October (damn those covid delays!).

I’ve been bouncing around (so to speak :rofl:) the idea of going with the upgraded air ride suspension instead of the standard rubber torsion. I don’t ever off-road with my trailer, but the roads near me are pretty horrendous. Even with a full load (2 horses plus a full dressing room) in my 2H Equispirit, there’s a fair amount of bouncing around.

I’m a very careful driver - slow acceleration, deceleration, and corners, rarely exceed 60mph, and switch lanes to avoid bumpy roads - but I still have this nagging feeling that if I’m going all-in to get a new, custom trailer (likely the last one I’ll ever have to buy), that I should make it the best I can for the horses.

I’ve searched all over the interwebs, including here, to get some advice, and still can’t make up my mind. The upgrade would be $3-4k, so while not totally out of budget, is a fair amount to add on to the already mind-boggling cost of a new trailer. I’ve read about the maintenance required, but would love any of your thoughts here as well.

Dear COTH, help me decide!

I vote a Yes!


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The trailer dealer told me if the air ride goes you can’t use the trailer (until it’s fixed). I forget how it works but if it’s disabled so is the trailer basically. So I didn’t get it. No idea how accurate that is but it scared me off.

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