Albion - what can you tell me from this flap?

I know nothing about Albions and my barn owner asked me to list this saddle for her. Any insight from those in the know?

Ultima leather is their softer/stickier leather, 315 is a MW tree I believe, NS is the “narrow seat” option which I think has a narrower twist? But I’m not 100% on the difference between the narrow seat and standard seat. If you email the serial number to Albion they should be able to give you more information about how old the saddle is, if you don’t know that already. They are really lovely saddles, I love Albions!

Thank you so much! Does the 17 indicate the seat size?


@illuminatedd thank you! This saddle was procured with a horse purchase so the barn owner had no info on it. I really appreciate your insight!