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I probably shouldn’t have said ‘loose’, although basically it is. And yes, the possibility exists of some disruption unless you know your animals pretty well. I don’t recall ever having big issues, though.

“A Famine of Horses”


And for the more practical, plans to build a table jump


Black Beauty!


[QUOTE=mswillie;6861864]“A Famine of Horses”


Thank you, just got it!


Be on the look out for the “Michaela Bancroft” mysteries by A.K. Alexander and Michelle Scott. I got the whole trilogy for free, or if not, $2.99 and they’re very readable.




$0.99, so not quite free :wink:

We used to fit 8 horses in a 6 horse head to head… two ponies in the middle, nose to tail, with at least one getting to the show with a chewed up tail.




[QUOTE=mswillie;6861224]I generally go to the Amazon site. Then in the search field pull down Kindle store, type in horse (or whatever key word you might be looking for).

You’ll get a whole bunch of stuff then I go to the “sort by” menu and select “price, low to high”. The free books come up first. There are some “interesting” titles that show up. :)[/QUOTE]


I mostly read books on the train or on the exercise bike at the gym so I’m looking for an easy read, not great literature. I’m reading At Risk now, and it’s quite enjoyable as a mystery with lots of gratuitous violence, but I also thoroughly enjoyed Trophies as a trashy romance. I hope those who are dissing it actually tried to read it :wink: Right now, I can’t find any other free ones, but both Bev Pettersen and Mary Ann Myers have books for 99 cents. The Head and Not The Heart is also a good read for $1.99.

Free/cheap Ebooks delivered by email daily


I get daily emails with book offerings from this company… its nice to be able to graze thru free and cheap books. I load up when I see ones I MIGHT like…good thing my Kindle has lots of storage!

Show Stopper (mystery)


I haven’t read it, but On a Wing and a Dare is fre today and tomorrow:


Looks kinda Scorpio Races-ish?


Coming Home [Kindle Edition]
Leslie Kelly (Author)

FIRST TIME IN PRINT–A Sexy, Heartwarming Romance from bestselling author Leslie Kelly.

Veterinarian Nicole Ross has a thriving practice, a son she adores, and a happy life. But when she has to fly to her sick father’s bedside, she comes face to face with the man who broke her heart so many years ago.

Wyatt Clayton has come a long way from his bad-boy youth and now runs his family ranch. Still, seeing Nicole again rocks his world and causes him to remember those crazy-wild days when they’d been reckless young lovers.

Despite themselves, Nicole and Wyatt find those passionate sparks still erupt whenever they’re together. But will they have a future when they learn the truth about what has kept them apart for so long?

Thanks for this!

“Shedrow” Mystery


[QUOTE=mswillie;6873836]Show Stopper (mystery)


Read the review of this, realized it was a series and opted to buy “The Unforgiving Minute” to start from the beginning. Thanks for the heads up.

The stories start to seem the same after a while but Heck, it’s free.


Same book is available through project Gutenburg.