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Who uses alfalox? When do you feed it? With grain? As a snack sporadicly? What are your thoughts? I got a few coupons for it yesterday and am wanting to try in addition to my horses leg up supplement and her two cups of alfalfa pellets am and pm

I just started my first bag of it week before last (also had a coupon). I decided to use it for my event horse who gets nervous poops at shows. We had an event last weekend, so in the days leading up to that I was giving her a 1-gallon bucket full each night, after her grain. The bag says to give 2 pounds, I think, so I figured that was pretty close. She loved it. My other three horses could smell it and were extremely jealous. I started giving each of them a handful too.

I’m not sure if it’s actually doing anything for her at this point or not. I’m not sure if I’ll buy another bag. They really love it a lot, so I might continue with it more as a treat for everyone. It’s easier to feed than alfalfa pellets to my old mare, as it doesn’t require soaking for her to chew it well.

I used it on an older pony mare who had digestive issues. I did not see any positive changes but she LOVED it so much I kept her on it.

I haven’t been able to use it consistently with a set program, since I haven’t had my horse long enough in one spot to know if it’s the only variable or not. She does love it though! I don’t have time to deal with soaking cubes, and I could probably get pellets, but I like being able to have her grain fed at one time, and leave her a bucket to eat in her stall when she chooses to come in.

LOVE IT ditched the pellets and replaced them with the ALox…so now they get about a pound 4 times a day same time but in a different dish than their grain. Umm no feed will stop the nervous poops.