Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles -any experience with them?

I read on another forum about how they’ll send out tree forms for you to fit to your horse and send them back photos and video for them to build a saddle for your horse. They have some lovely darned saddles on their page too. I am intrigued and want to send them my hard earned adjunct professor dollars to fit Fella for an endurance saddle. The first saddle I tried when I went Western was the Tex Tan Tex Flex endurance. Loved the heck out of it, but it wasn’t mine.


Ugh. Never mind. I heard from a friend that it was this company that she found thoroughly unsatisfactory in their product and remedy.


I think they use Steele trees. Other saddle makers also use Steele trees. If you like that idea, go to the Steele website to see who the other saddle makers are.

They just peaked my interest because they send out tree forms to help you fit your horse.


I think you can do that directly with Steele.

The Tree Forms are worthless, IMO
I have a set of 8 form I will sell cheap …lol…

For a perfect fit, have the Maker send a Bare Tree for fitting.


Paula, have you looked into Specialized saddles?

Specialized saddles? And thanks for the heads up that it would be better for them to send you an actual tree form than those fit things.

My Big Horn is fine of course, but I’d ideally love: a wooden tree that fits Fella as opposed to the flex tree, and an endurance style front -no horn, with the lovely deep seat and soft butt feel I love in my Big Horn. Western rigging with Western fenders. Oh and I loved the endurance style stirrups on my friend’s Tex Tan endurance saddle.

Something to set my sights on.


The first western saddle I had for Mac was a Specialized and I liked it very much.

Oooooh :yes: I really like the Eurolight! I hadn’t heard of these at all! Thank you so much, Pocket Pony!


Specialized sent me a DVD on their saddles, they are very engaged and appear to have a great product. I’d love to buy one and am certainly considering their Saddle as my dream saddle for my sweet QH Trail buddy I’ve been growing into a trail horse…

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