Allergies in Barn

My horse doesn’t have any allergies himself but there is a woman who boards at the same place that thinks her horse has a soy allergy. I changed my feed from one with a lot of soy but she still isn’t pleased. She has not had her horse tested this year for any allergies. Any advice on the best way to handle?

I would say all the burden is on her to provide validated veterinary recommendations rather than force you to change your horses programs ( and other horses) to satisfy her notion. I have never heard of a whole barn having to change a program based on one horses dietary issues. Usually management works in the other direction

Tell her that she should be dealing with her veterinarian and the barn management. After that it is not your responsibility

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That’s crazy. So she thinks the rest of the barn can’t feed what her horse is allergic to? What am I missing? It’s up to her to provide feed her horse isn’t allergic to… how does the other horses’ diets affect what her single horse consumes? Nuts