Alternate Quick Release Knot?

My mare has figured out how to untie a quick-release knot. She does not do it consistently, but will grab the tail with her lips and pull when there is something interesting to see (or eat!).

She’s done this three times while tied to my trailer at hunt events. The first two, I assumed I had tied poor knots, but last weekend I came out of the tack room just in time to watch her untie herself and head over to the grass for a snack.

Anyone have a good alternative knot/way of tying to a trailer? I have used the short nylon ties with the quick-pull snaps, but I’m not a huge fan–it seems to hard to get to if there is a real need to release quickly. I have also tried the Safe-t Tie, but found that they released with the slightest pressure–resulting in a loose horse.

I use the Highwayman’s Hitch as my quick release knot, but ALWAYS stick the rope tail THRU the loop to prevent what you describe. I never let the rope tail just hang from the quick release knot. Too easy for bored horse to release the rope.

I do use up rope tail doing more “crochet loops” on that first loop by the knot, still put the rope tail thru the last loop. I have rather long tie ropes, don’t want the tails dragging on the ground when tied. Doing more loops, even if horse pulls the tail end, it just tightens THAT LAST loop, not the whole chain of loops to the knot.

I have been really happy with the Highwayman’s Hitch knot, since changing over from my old 4-H quick release knot that got bound up when horse pulled hard. I was never really happy with that side effect in case horse needed to be loosened quickly. I found the Highwayman’s Hitch when searching for alternative knots myself to teach the present generation of 4-H kids.

I have not had the Highwayman’s Hitch bind up using synthetic or cotton ropes, even with some horses really sitting back on them. My Trail Rider friends have also been really happy with the knot, no binding up there either when you have to get a horse loose fast.

But without tucking the tail thru that last loop, tightening it a little, horse WILL be able to get loose pretty easily with any quick release knots. That is what they are made to do! She may figure out how to get the tail out of loop, with time. But you get a bit of slack time, as she works her way up the ladder of loops to the knot for a final untying!!

I use a regular quick release but as described above, I always do loops to use up the tail and put the last bit of tail through the last loop. It essentially locks the knot. My horse also pulls on the rope sometimes and he has yet ::knock wood:: to release himself. It makes it slightly less quick release safe, but imho a loose horse isn’t very safe either.