Alternative to Stanley tack trunk

If someone is looking for something a bit different than the Stanley trunk, this might work:

I bought an identical one way back in 1999 and have hauled that thing to about six different barns over the years and it’s still looking great. Mine doesn’t have the long handle on the end, but then I don’t usually cart it around once it’s in the tack room.

It’s a slightly different size than the Stanley so it may work in certain situations (it may be a bit longer and lower). It’s much more lighter in weight; I can actually pick it up and put it in the trunk of my Forester when my heavy grooming box is out of it. Mine is green and a few years ago I put a horsey stencil on it. Oh, and the lid is not hinged. I just remove it and put it between the trunk and wall.

Just putting this out there as an inexpensive and different sort of storage trunk.