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Amazing Story of Pujals&Vincent (Mexico)

Dressage Daily has a story about the Mexican rider Bernadette Pujals and her horse Vincent.

Pretty amazing: she literally gave up her life for this horse…


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That is amazing. I’m so glad she was able to keep her horse. I really enjoyed watching Bernadette ride both the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special and I’m looking forward to her freestyle tonight!

Pretty amazing: she literally gave up her life for this horse…

New kind of dressage–Zombie dressage. :smiley:

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and of course, there is a MAN at the heart of the evil!!!

What an amazing story - She’s really been a silent threat at the games.

It’s really nice when people like this do well!!

This rider and horse have been competing for a while, and have been ‘ones to watch’…the horse is a super mover, very strong…I sort of wondered what happened to them, why their names disappeared from results.

I did not realize the ex-HUSBAND started out riding the horse, but the subsequent messy divorce helps to make clear that petty jealousy is always available to rear its head.

anyway, Im really glad that horse and rider are re-united, and having success.

She and her horse are fantastic. It was extremely nice to see her riding, it gave one hope that one can be a champion without a Dutch or German surname. :slight_smile: Her horse BTW has royal breeding, he has the W line on the sire side and the A lines on his dam’s pedigree; not bad at all. Both lines are great dressage horses!

What a great lady…

I was amazed to read her story a couple of days ago on dressagedaily- and I thought to myself- what would it take to give up your farm that you built- your home and all you are used to- to get your horse back…and I can so understand her that she made that decision…the real kicker was that she really had very little time to prepare for the WEG because she lost more than 2 months before the competition due to the fact that her ex took the horse from her…probably full well knowing that she would decide this way.

I hope the horse stays healthy for a long time and she finds a good new home and training grounds to continue her success…anyone know her trainer Johnny Hilberath? He looks like a cool guy but never really knew much about him…???

Vicent is licensed hanoverian by Weltmeyer - Azur - Adlerfarn (name: Weltadel II). He has a also licensed fullbrother Weltadel. Weltadel was and still is my dreamhorse. I once got to know that horse (Weltadel I). So when the announcer on TV said that Vincent’s name is Weltadel II i got really electrified :wink:

Johnny Hilberath is living in Northern Germany in Elmlohe (who would believe that ??? ;-). That is where the US team was at the “small show” near Bremen. Johnny is in the C or B-Team of Germany and was once German champion of the professionals. He was (is ?) also rider of Wenckstern who competed with a South African at Aachen (living in Germany, too, I believe).
He is no noname, but none of the international big big names. I would believe, that he has/had known Vincent (maybe even ridden him) in earlier times as he was bred not too far from where he lives.

alexandra, Thank You for the additional background on Vincent!

I read an article in Dressage Daily(?) by Karen Robinson who designed Bernadette Pujal’s Freestyle for Aachen. Evidently, Bernadette recieved the freestyle just days before Vincent was taken from her;and so had never practiced her freestyle (let alone showed it in competition) before WEG!!!

Knowing the background story really just intensifies your respect and appreciation for Bernadette and Vincent’s wonderful performance!

Plus, those flashy chestnuts just have a special place in my heart! :smiley:

Can you say Danielle Steel?