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Amy and Poggio win the Bronze Individual

Way to go!!! Zara Phillips Gold for GB, Clayton Fredericks Silver for Australia (previous correction noted)

Thanks to WEG Acchen for providing the video stream : )

Too much addition

but it looks like the US may have held on to Team Bronze also - they should have the team results up any time now. Great job updating the results pages!

sorry but clayton is Australian NOT a New Zealander!!! THANK GOD!!!

Congrats Clayton and the Aussies, been a long time bewteen medals at this level

Math is not my strong point, but I’m almost positive Australia got the bronze.

APOLOGIES to the Aussies

In my enthusiasm about Amy, I mixed up the countries on the sliver…many apologies. Oi, Oi, Oi, Congratulations Australia!

Germany Gold
Britain Silver
Australia Bronze

Gold to Phillips
silver to Fredericks
bronze to tyron

Great results

The USA Team score was 198.10. The Aussie Team score was 197.30

WOW-close! OUCH! But–oy oy oy, Aussies!

I think I can be forgiven Avra - .80 difference - man, that’s not even one fault.

Way to go Amy & Poggio. Congratulations!

First thing I did on getting home was check results. My reaction, first to Zara getting the gold “Oh my god!” Then my reaction to Amy and Poggio getting bronze “OH MY GOD!!!” I am really thrilled, and considering I didn’t really think she would medal individually (do well, yes, be a HUGE asset to our team, yes) I was very, very pleasantly surprised. My roommate thinks I’m crazy, but that’s ok! Yay Amy!

I am so happy for Amy Tryon(corrected spelling;) ) on her Bronze medal. Poggio is a superb(albeit tough) Thoroughbred and Amy gives him the type of ride he likes. Thank heavens we had one horse that is a jumping machine! I’ve watched her ride for years and felt for some time that she was undervalued. Perhaps after this and Athens everyone will realize what a fabulous team they are.

Congrats to Britain and Australia as well as team Germany for jobs excellently done!

:slight_smile: Yay Amy and Team Tryon! That and my good XC school this morning made my day. :smiley:

One of the Australian horses, the grey was bred, rared, broken in , trained and qualified and ridden by his rider which I think is a superb effort, all with the backing of her family of course.
From pictures I have managed to see the whole place just looked awesome.


Yay Amy and Poggio! Not bad for a fire fighter and an OTTB!!

Really happy for Amy :smiley: ! She and Poggio deserve that bronze medal more than anyone on the US team. You definitely can’t change my opinion about that!

What a performance too! When you finish the WEG on your pretty good dressage score, you know you are one of the best in the world! :yes: