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Anatomical Nosebands

Does anyone here have any insights or anecdotes on the utility of the various anatomic noseband options? Looking to replace one that isn’t a great fit (on a double).

It seems you can either have cut outs for the bit rings (like Bridle2Fit S1), or you can have cut outs on the top for the cheek bones (like Schockemohle)? There is also the curved cheek style of noseband, with (Kavalkade) or without the extra buckle (Tota)? Some of these also seem to be available with some downward angle at the back to accommodate the pad sitting at an angle. Fairfax put rings on the sides to allow that angle. Thoughts?

Fairfax publishes it’s research on design.

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I use a Fairfax noseband on both my horse’s snaffle and double bridle. I just bought the “hangar” piece separate (I think from Flexible Fit) since I don’t use the rest of the fairfax bridle. My horse really likes the noseband but did not like the crown (too wide, of course now they have a refined version!)

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Bridle2fit has the S5 noseband. It is lighter, straight, and sits higher. My horse likes it a lot. 2 fingers fit under it easily.

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