Andy Kocher auction

Are they (semi) legit? Seems like the horses go for good prices. I really like one in this upcoming auction, thoughts??

My guess would be he is trying to sell what he has to generate money so maybe a good buy here and there. But I don’t know :woman_shrugging:

I don’t think my conscience would allow me to buy anything that has his name attached to it. Good buy or not.


I have no personal experience with the auction, but there was a thread on horseshowdiva (which still looks to be down) during his first auction. From what I remember at the time, it claimed Andy and his associates were often the only bidders on most of the horses and/or were bidding up the prices. I think initially they actually used usernames directly identifying themselves before they got smarter and used more generalized names. I would just suggest doing your research.


It also might be worth considering how much time a horse purchased there might need in order to settle down and relax, depending on the training methods used.


Last year I tried two horses at his barn. I figured maybe I was getting a horse out of a bad situation. Both of them felt moderately unsound. When it came time to jump, they had to move all the jumps because everything was set on a trappy stride…including the triple combination… on a half stride… :anguished:.

I would pass personally.


A combination on the half stride isn’t unheard of at all at the level and height some of his horses school.

But, there are plenty of other reasons to be wary at best.


I’m kind of new to the horse world and I’m not up to date on everything but who’s andy kocher? Why would his horses be badly trained if he’s competing at such a high level?

Andy is under investigation by the FEI for allegedly using illegal and abusive artificial aids. For example, electrified spurs that he could activate with a button held in his hand while riding.

I am acquainted with a junior who leased a horse from him and the horse is a SAINT AMONG SAINTS. I wouldn’t do business with him, and the horse is certainly no credit to his program - obviously just an extremely tolerant, good egg who unfortunately ended up in his string. Sort of a depressing reminder of how generous horses can be.


Jesus, poor horses. Hopefully they end up in good hands


He does not compete at any “high” level. He’s unable to compete because he has been suspended by the FEI (and thus by USEF) because he has been accused of abusing horses by delivering electrical shocks to them during competition.

Try the Google . You may come across his disgraceful ride of a tired horse in Canada as well.


I know of a few in my area who came from him - they all seem to be smart, talented, and are shown by juniors and amateurs so somewhat sane. I can’t comment on soundness or maintenance required. Nice horses, for sure. Shady person though - but, if you can separate that from the horse itself, may be worth a look.

@ghst13 That’s what I heard too…

But then I was thinking, even if they are bidding the horses up themselves, if it still ends up being way below market value do I care?

And the horse I am interested in is not one of his personal horses, it is with a different trainer/ rider. Very successful and from what I hear a literal saint. And has good recent xrays & vetting.

Ugh I’m talking myself into it haha


As long as you go into it with all the facts. I’d be more concerned if you weren’t aware of the background.

Maybe you’ll get a great deal - it seems like some people have had success purchasing horses previously with his program. Was the recent vetting/x-rays done by an independent vet or one you know and trust?

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I would be concerned about the integrity of the auction more than the horse itself.

Also, a horse that comes with vetting/x-rays is BS. I’ve vetted horses with “clean” x-rays and they both failed when my vet reviewed the images for major issues. Now, when I hear recent vetting/x-rays I run for the hills.


I just looked him up and Oh my God, I can’t believe he was considered a professional. A literal disgrace to our sport. I remember seeing Carollos round at Spruce Meadows and thinking the poor thing was trying its heart out while barely being able to keep going. Good thing he was at least caught and suspended


Wait… owners still have their good horses with him?

Say it isn’t so???


Why would anyone support this man with their business? For a “good deal”?

I can’t understand that type of thinking. :frowning_face:


The only way I would buy a horse from that loser is if it were a herd dispersal because he was going to jail. Seriously.