Angry Cihuahua Adopted


He sounds just like every Chihuahua I’ve met in the last 20 yrs. He was very lucky someone
took him that could meet all his needs.

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I’ve known one that was a beast and I’ve known two really sweet chihuahuas, so I guess they’re not all like that.

A few years ago we were dining outdoors at a local restaurant. I kept seeing something dart in and out of the roadway. I thought it was an urban rat, but once headlights hit it, I realized it was a Chihuahua. I ran to the street to scoop him (intact male) up. He tried biting me twice, but once lifted in my arms he stopped and was shaking. No collar. I certainly didn’t want him and looked like he’d been on the loose a while. Luckily the restaurant owner loved chihuahuas and said he’d call animal control. If no one claimed him, he would keep him. Nasty but cute!

Well, they are supposed to be “terrier-like” - not nasty. The standard says : “Alert, projecting the ‘terrier-like’ attitudes of self importance, confidence, self reliance.”

And since they should weigh no more than 6 lbs, the 13 lb Chucky Chihuahua is just another crap-tastic breeding giving people the impression that the breed itself is the problem, not the idiots that produced it.

Not to say a Chi is supposed to be “friendly and cuddly” - because that’s not how you would describe anything that is supposed to be “terrier-like”. If you wouldn’t want a terrier, you shouldn’t want a Chihuahua.

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One of the sweetest dogs I ever met was a chihuahua that came from a pet store, no joke. The couple who owned her fell into the “just have to save this one” trap and paid something like $3k for her. Other than the typical Chi teeth that had to be professionally cleaned at least 2x/year, her health was good. And she loved everyone.

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