Another game of Identify this Old Saddle

[full saddle]
[under skirt 1]
[under skirt 2]
[cantle rings]

Figured it’s worth a try since you guys are so good at figuring these out! Our assistant trainer gave this one to me a few months ago when I was looking for a jumping saddle for Funny. It was given to her by a trainer at the track who had been using it to pony, and who knows where he got it from. Obviously it’s had quite a life; the marks are all scratched off and at some point it got what appears to be an iron-on patch from the craft store to cover up a little tear on the seat. :lol: It’s been serving me well despite everything, and I’d love to hear any guesses on what model it might be!

Hum, not sure about the saddle, all I know is that we had many that looked just like that in the 1980’s.

I did notice how the stirrup leathers say “Harvey” on the buckle. I have a pair of leathers I picked up at a tack sale with the exact same stamp. The leathers are Crosby’s. I thought the leathers must have belonged to someone named Harvey but I see that is not the case!

Hmmm…I had an older Beval that looked a lot like this one, same flap shape, same stirrup leather keeper. My guess is that it’s a Beval Gladstone. If you look really, really closely on the flap under the billets, you might be able to make out a faint inscription that tells you what the saddle is. Mine was an oldie made before they started stamping the pommel nails with “Beval” so you really had to look for the maker mark.

I believe it is a Crump Prix de Saute.

I believe it is a Crump Prix de Saute.[/QUOTE]

I was thinking this too based on the shape of the tag that should have had the maker on it.


Another vote for Crump Prix de Saute.