Another OTTB Pedigree

Bought a lovely OTTB in April as an event prospect. I will admit I was not very educated in OTTB lineage before I bought him and have done some research into various lines but would love to hear feedback from you guys!

Don’t know how it will translate to a Sport Horse but there’s some spectacular race horses there, including one of my favorite mares, Personal Ensign.

Thats always kind of fun to find out when you get one home and research it.

I’ve seen a lot of AP Indy babies and grandbabies lately that are really nice jumpers.

I think you hit the Jackpot…With Private Account on the Dam s Dam line and both A P Indy and Danzig on the Sire side…right where I would want these sires…and he is lovely by the way…Keep us posted.

Private Account is good; Crimson Satan is good; Lassie Dear is good; Danzig is good; Secretariat is sort of good; Hoist the Flag and Damascus are good; Minnetonka is good; but the best thing for eventing in this pedigree, IMO, is Fire Dancer. who was an excellent sport horse sire in Florida and seems to have been a good influence for longevity. He is the grandsire on top of Becky Holder’s Can’t Fire Me.

Thanks all! Here is a video of him, he is still relatively green over fences and figuring himself out but he’s been great! Love hearing your feedback.

What struck me first and resounds above and beyond is his lofty rhythmical balanced canter…light off the ground uphill …You won t ever need to worry or adjust he will get you to the spot every time. Why a TB is an eventers Joy!

My boy! Here was his first ride at my farm post track-
He had just been gelded. You are doing a lovely job with him! Can’t wait to see him out and about this season. Second the comments on his breeding being nice for sport.

Agree with JBRP. Private Account damside is excellent. I love PA and Personal Ensign horses. They have a look and a canter you can spot a mile away. Good luck with him.

Jeeesh…sure wasn’t expecting to see that canter and obviously good intincts going to the jumps. Impressed by the coach and lesson here, great exercises here for developing track and stride adjustment. Nice riding there too.

Looks like a horse that’s going to want to work with you and help, you can’t train that kind of attitude, that’s inherited with a little help from correct handling all along the way.

Wouldn’t mind following his progress if you’d care to update along your journey with him.

I had a LOVELY gelding by Our Emblem. He was one of my all time favorite horses. Athletic ability and mind to go all the way even with me in the tack. He unfortunately had lingering race injuries so I only took him Training but damn he was nice. I would have kept him forever as a pet…but he got kicked in the field and broke his leg. I still miss him.

Judybigredpony, thank you! His canter and movement were what caught my attention! I’m so excited to get him out to an event!

Jleegriffith, that is so awesome! I watched that video before I went out and tried him, he has just been so wonderful.

Findeight, thank you! I have been jumping him with Tim Bourke, he is so helpful and really does have the best exercises. I will definitely keep you guys updated!

Bornfree, I’m so sorry for your loss. My guy definitely has a very “in your pocket” personality as well! Loves attention and being fussed over.

Just thought I would update you guys! Here is a recent video of him XC schooling (for the first time!) he was a natural!


just saw this - want to say, I love, love, LOVE Private Account - the more in a pedigree, the better, especially through Personal Ensign because IME PE’s pedigree and damside is to die for; Grecian Banner, Hoist The Flag… good names for sport.

I definitely appreciate AP Indy tail male - good movement and brain that way.

He very much has the PE/PA headn (I mean this in a good way!). I love their heads and eyes, their eyes always seem so liquid and kind. Good canter - he canters like my Private Account horse as well. What a lovely pair - love the softness of the rider (is that you?) and how amicable the horse is.


Yes that is me! Thank you!
His eye was one of the first things that drew me in about him (aside from how he moves!) when I went out to try him he had just been gelded and had only had a few days to settle into the woman’s place. The weather was god awful, pretty sure it was in the 30’s and snowing, so he was a bit tense and on edge at first but as soon as I got on him he went straight to work - wasn’t phased by anything, it was very impressive!

Thank you for your feedback!

What a cutie! He reminds me of how my guy was…I took him to his first BN event after less than 60 days. Such good eggs and love the sport. You will have a blast with him!

I am so excited to see he has Fire Dancer, my daughter’s horse has Fire Dancer, Damascus, Admiral’s Voyage and Pampered King (Prince Chevalier). He has been a treasure. He is now 20, and I have taken over the ride as he slows down his showing. We bought him when he was 14 and I believe if he had a do-over he could have easily been an upper level horse. He is scopey, athletic, kind but quirky and smart, and the biggest heart and try. I wish I could find another younger edition of him. Horse of a lifetime.

So exciting to see what you have done with him! He was one of my favorite horses that I have sold.

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How fun!!! You got a good one!!!

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Lovely. This is why we keep trying. Do you show him as Gaffer or something else? Like to see familiar names in results.