Another paddock boot thread: generous toe box with slim profile?

My Ovations are getting pretty worn out, and since I’ve had them for awhile (didn’t wear them for a few years since I was using tall boots instead of half chaps - and wearing my chunky Ariat winter paddock boots for barn stuff); when I recently looked online I was unable to find that exact model!

I do like them well enough, but thought I would post here for more ideas.

I gather that Ariats have gone downhill in terms of quality (from what I read) so not worth paying the extra $$ for them. I’m hoping to pay <100$ anyway - and I don’t mind if the paddock boots wear out in a couple of years; I also don’t mind synthetic.

(I do all my jump schools, shows, clinics, etc. in my tall boots, so…)

Anyway, my poor feet are pretty grotesque: horrid bunions and hammertoes (and I have flat feet, so a cushioned footbed is very important), so I need ROOM in the toe box - I often go up a half size or a full size for this reason - but then I run into the problem of the boot being too loose in the heel and ankle. I have smallish ankles and heels anyway. Also, my half chaps are very fitted, so won’t fit over a more substantial boot (or a men’s size.)

Blundstones (for example) would be too bulky - even though they have a nice generous toebox (IIRC.) It’s too bad SO few paddock boots offer wide toe models sigh

Thoughts and suggestions?? TIA!

If you (in general) like the way that Ariats fit, you should try Kavalkade’s paddock boots. I have a pair of the Romulus boots that really have held up well for a couple of years and are still going strong. They’re also comfortable.

I had previously worn Ariats, but the quality of the leather went downhill; they looked scuffed from the second wearing and could not be conditioned back into looking nice. But I did like how the Ariats felt.

The Kavalkades have given me the same feel with a higher quality of leather (IMHO).

Several US retailers used to sell them, but here’s the only one I found in a quick search:
Kavalkade Romulus paddock boot

Thanks, those look lovely!, but more than I wanted to spend.

I found a number of less expensive alternatives on Amazon (ordered two different brands: one was too big and one was too small - I feel like Goldilocks!), and had to return them - always a PITA, even though Amazon makes it pretty painless.

The problem (of course) is the buying online thing - you can’t try them on beforehand. :frowning:
I have a local Dover but they only stock the higher-end paddock boots (at the price point of the Ariats and the Kavalkades), and I would like to stay under $100 if at all possible. There is a local consignment place, but I haven’t had much luck with used; usually they are not in the best of shape (though I did get lucky once, years ago), and then there is that too tight in the foot problem.

The paddock boots I’ve broken in have “raised divots” where my bunions and hammertoes have stretched out the leather, but I would prefer not to have to put my feet through that if possible. Ouch.

I also like a wider toe box, and have loved Ariat for a long time but for my most recent boot search was also scared off by all the reviews about how much the quality has deteriorated. To be fair, I didn’t try any of the new models. Anyways, here’s my recent experience with a few brands.

I tried tall boots from Dover’s house brand, Riding Sport, and the leather quality was atrocious but they were pretty roomy. I did not buy so cannot speak as to longevity.

I tried Suedwind tall boots and wasn’t impressed. I don’t remember anything specifically about the foot, but I hated the thick chintzy looking plastic zipper and some of the detailing.

I ended up with Mountain Horse. The foot is noticeably more narrow, thankfully it (just) fits me, but I don’t think it would work for you. Quality seems decent for the pricepoint.

Tredstep I tried a few years ago and the foot never felt comfortable - I ended up giving them away.

Years ago I purchased TuffRider tall boots and the soles fell off after a few months or relatively light use. Could have been a fluke but I would never buy again and would not recommend.

I bought the Riding Sport paddock boot from Dover and it was wide enough for my duck-like foot.

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I recently purchased the Smartpak Eliza paddock boot. It’s offered in back zip/lace front, front zip and double front zip which are the ones I bought. I despise the back zip on my winter paddock boots but have a hard time with regular front zip paddock boots so the double zip have solved the problem. I also need more room in the toe and these fit the bill. They are very stiff when you first get them but after a couple cleanings and conditionings they were great. I did switch the insoles but I figured for a boot that actually fit my feet that was a very small change. They are about $85 and in my opinion better than the Ariat Heritage paddock boots.

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Any good cobbler can stretch out the areas where your bunion or hammertoes hit to create some more room.

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Blundstone. the half sizes are wider.

Thanks, everyone!!

I usually use shoe stretchers and stretch them out myself, we had someone locally who did that but since Covid those people no longer exist locally. :confused:

I LOVE my Kerrits Woodstock. I can’t wear Ariats, even their supposed wide toe box. I’ve been uncomfortable in paddock boots for years until I came upon the Kerrits.

Check out Ariats website- they still offer the round toe paddock boot.

The Ariat Round Toe is the only true paddock boot that is wide enough in the toe for my duck feet. But, I don’t find them to be comfortable for walking around. My barn work and walking around choice is the Ariat Terrain. Some styles/colors come in wide widths and they work well for me.

As someone above mentioned, Blundstone half sizes are the same length as the whole size but wider. Their style #200 is also wider than the standard Blundstone, even in the whole sizes. I wore them for years.

Begin rant: Unfortunately, once “Blundstone USA” went into business, Blundstone corporate cracked down on Australian retail stores shipping to the US, so the place I used to order style #200 boots them from will no longer ship them. And, of course, Blundstone USA doesn’t sell that style. End rant.

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I have contemplated switching to a men’s boot for a bigger toe box. Have you tried that?

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Thanks to everyone for the replies! I guess I should consider Ariat again, though for the price point relative to the new quality issues, not sure whether it’s worth it. :smirk:

As mentioned in the OP, I need a slim fit ankle because my half chaps are very fitted and will not go over a “bigger ankle” boot.

As a result, Blundstones are out - and men’s boots tend to have thicker ankles and a bigger heel; I have a small heel and slim ankles so wind up getting chafed because my heel slips in and out of the boot.

I’m looking for some sort of weird hybrid paddock boot I guess!

I think it would be easy for a good leather person to add a gusset or a longer strap to your half chaps so they’d fit a chunkier boot. My local shoe repair guy lives for challenges like that.

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I like the Tredstep Front Lace country boot (it comes in brown or black), the Twisted X ladies work boot (I don’t ride in these, afraid they will get stuck), and the Riding Sport Ladies Baxter all day boot.

I used to wear Ariat and still have a tall boot I love but their paddock boots keep changing and either provide great support or seem to destroy feet, the same brand and the same size.