Another saddle fitting thread... sorry

Asking for a friend: my friend is considering purchasing a 8-9 yo mare who was started as a youngster and then used as a broodmare for a number of years and is now being restarted. She is nicely put together but very short backed and lacking muscle along her topline. I think she will muscle up quickly but for now her back is pretty curvy. Not swaybacked but typical broodmare. She’s being brought back into work slowly and needs to lose a few extra lbs, but also very wide. She does have a wither, nothing interesting to say about that. She was advertised as a “Quorgan.”

Friend does not want to spend a fortune for a saddle that will likely need to be replaced in a few months or that will be subject to the dangers of restarting horses. Looking for ideas I can pass on.

Hm. If she’s Curvy and wide, but with a withers, I wonder if a Stubben (possibly older) would work. Or maybe an older Prestige that’s wide (34+).

Can’t speak to any specific models off of the top of my head, but maybe a direct to go in?

We will definitely be taking a trip to Pelham Saddlery in the near future to try stuff and find something comfy for horse and horseperson. Unfortunately we both have expensive taste…

I can relate :joy:

I had good luck using a Thornhill with wither gussets on my big boy before his back came in. Purchased used and in expensively from Pelham. It’s not butter soft leather or anything but very good sturdy quality

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Agreeing with the Stubben suggestion, but can’t give any more detail than that as my curvy, round, wide-ish quarter pony got his own custom Stubben 1894. He’s a rump-high barrel with withers.