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Antares Breastplate Sizing

Hi everyone. I have a 17.2hh Hanoverian who’s built on the narrow side as he fits in a 50-52" girth, but wears and oversize bridle. I have a full size breastplate that is on the last 2 holes all around, but I know antares sizing can be odd. What size would y’all recommend?

Since no one has responded, you could email Antares for dimensions and make a decision based on that. And if it doesn’t fit you can exchange it for another size. FWIW, my Antares cob bridle and standing martingale were very standard cob sizes, and fit just as my other cob strap goods so I’m not sure their stuff is necessarily oddly sized.

I got a size 2 for my 17.1hh TB. He wears a 50" girth generally (52" in his antares belly guard) and is quite narrow. I got the bridge one, which apparently runs smaller than the other ones, and without have tried the size 1 on him, I would say that he is likely between sizes. I have also tried a size 2 elastic breastplate on him and that one was huge on him. My guess would be that your guy would take either a size 1 or 2 depending on how deep his shoulder is.

smartpak as the breastplate and will offer free shipping and free returns on sized items.

smartpak FTW again, and again and again…

Thanks all I ordered a size 2 in the bridge version. My local rep didn’t have any breastplates as he had been at winter series all month so he was sold out so that’s why I needed help.