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Antares: Contact, Classique and Connexion

Hi, I’ve been riding in a friend’s Antares Contact and have grown very fond of it. I recently sold my CWD Mademoiselle and now I’m on the search. I’ve been looking for a Contact, because I’ve only ridden it and the Evolution.

I keep seeing the Connextion and Classique pop up in threads. Can anyway tell me if they love these saddles more than the Contact? Are either of these better than the Contact for one reason or another? Quality, similarities, etc.? There’s been a few that have passed by and they had my measurements but I haven’t even looked since they’re not a Contact.

I definitely want a higher end custom Antares since I just sold my Mademoiselle and I’m looking for something comparable in quality.

Any insight you can share, I would love to hear! TIA!

I’ve tried the Contact and the Connexion and personally preferred the Contact, but my all time favourite has been an Evolution. I had a 2012 model that I highly regret selling :frowning:

I was the opposite - I tried the Contact and the Evolution, and I hated the feeling of the cutback tree on the Evolution and the position it put me in. Just felt really weird. I love my Contact though.

I tried all and have/love the Contact. I feel much closer to the horse in it!

Saddle fit is very personal. Also realize that all these high end semi custom saddles were constructed to match the particular horse and rider who originally bought it. So seat size, flap, knee rolls, panels, wither width, leather quality can all vary

If possible you should see if you can find makers marks that identify the saddle configuration. Passier for instance has a serial number and if you contact them they can tell you all the configurations that were ordered.

These details may contribute to you loving a particular saddle but you might not feel as comfortable in the exact same model in a different configuration.

So you need to know seat size, leather choice, and flap orientation at a minimum, and know if you have a long calf, long thigh, long torso, etc. That will help you find a similarly configured saddle within that brand and model.

For your horse you need to know wither width, horizontal back curve, and vertical drop, as well as panel type (gussetted or upswept). The same model saddle could be built with significant variations here.

As far as the difference between models within a brand, see if the company website has details. Sometimes the difference between models is a more open or close seat or more forward seat. If it’s not clear you can email the company.

So asking who prefers what model is pointless without knowing what their body type and riding style is like, and how their saddle has been configured.

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Out of curiosity I went to the Antares site. They explain briefly the major differences. Evolution, shallow seat with further back balance point; Contact, semi deep seat; Connection, deep seat .

Obviously you could get any flap configuration (long or short or forward), and knee block or knee roll you wanted and of course seat size all of which will change how open or deep the saddle feels to you the rider.

I need to sell an Antares Contact, any recommendations for where to list it or places to send it to be sold?

Before High Line Tack sold my Voltaire, they gave me a generous credit towards another saddle. I was very happy with them.


Definitely Leah with Redwood Tack in CA!

Just remember she doesn’t consign saddles, rather, buys them outright.

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