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Antares Saddle Decoding

Hey guys. I am looking into buying an antares saddle and wanted to know more on what the code under the flap meant. It reads:
2A L 17
M20 AG 15
290 08

The price for it is $2,500. Is that a good deal? Thanks in advance for the decoding by the way.

If you search the board you’ll find a few older posts with info… but from what I know:

2A: 2 is the flap length, in this case a regular length. A is the position, in this case forward
L: seat width
17: Size
M20: tree width; in this case M (“average”) which we have discussed many times on the board and seems to generally fit warmbloods.
AG15: AG refers to the rear of the panels near the gusset, and in this case 15 means 15 mm of extra padding was added here
290 08: #290 saddle made in 2008

The price seems fine for a saddle in good condition. 'round these parts a used Antares in good shape ranges from about your price point to about $3500.