Antares Serial Number

Hey Everyone!

So I have this Antares saddle that I am trying to figure out the tree size of. I heard that the serial number can tell me what the tree size is. It has this serial number SC 2A 16 5L 02 1665.

There was another post here that helped me out a bit, but I couldn’t figure out the tree size off of it. Any help would be appreciated!


hmmm i’m taking a semi educated guess here :slight_smile:

SC semi deep seat
2A is the flap, I think it’s normal forward
16.5 is probably the seat
L is the twist, I believe it’s the wider twist
02 is the year
1665 is the serial number

so I don’t see anything about the tree, which would tell me its a medium standard tree.

^^ What she said :slight_smile:

Mine is C 2AA 18 XL 06 XXXX

(Deep seat, Regular flap, extra forward, 18" (although it rides small), XL twist, made in 2006)

I would email Antares with the serial number if I were you. Your local rep should be able to tell you about the saddle you have.