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Antares Skylla and Spooner Review?

I’m looking into ordering either of these models from Antares. Does anyone have any advice or preference on the two? I talked to an Antares rep and she said the Skylla is full calfskin and the Spooner is grain leather. Any information is appreciated!

I had the Spooner for a couple years. I bought it used and then sold it when my young horse outgrew it. It never really fit me, but I bought it knowing that it was temporary. I was always fighting to sit up.
I had no complaints about the saddle itself though, especially at that price point.

I have no personal experience with either, is the person you spoke with saying the only difference between the two models the type of leather? If so, I much prefer grain leather, it is so much more durable than calfskin, although I know many people like calfskin for its softness. But that softness is the very quality that makes it less durable and once broken in I love the comfort of the grain leather used in the French saddles.

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My daughter bought a Spooner. The Antares rep came out and she said in a bunch of saddles. As soon as she rode in the Spooner she knew it was the right fit. Her horse is wide and needs the AO tree in normal Antares saddles, the Spooner model fit him great. She won a $5,000 National Hunter Derby in that saddle. The price point was great as she did not have unlimited funds.