Antares Stamp De-Code Help?

I’m searching for a MW type saddle as I’m currently riding a Welsh cross and a Percheron cross … so my OTTB saddles aren’t working.

Found an Antares that I would consider a true wide (which is a rare find). It’s got a 5” dot to dot measure and a very wide angle to it.
My concern is that a true wide Antares should have AO2 or AO2 (or even just the A0) stamped on it. This leads me to question if some “saddle fitter” has “widened” it …… which only works on saddles made to be adjustable , which Antares are not. If this is the case the saddles tree will be extremely compromised and I don’t want to touch it.
I’ll give you the numbers and maybe an expert can tell me if these numbers add up to a saddle that should be quite wide.

I think some are worn off right here
2 AB
17 5 L

Then on the billet guard
RAG +5

Any insight ? Thanks !

Not an expert by any means but you’re correct, AO is the wide tree and AO2 is the extra wide tree. For this saddle:

1682 - 1682nd saddle made that year? Not 100% sure on that
2 AB - flap size, standard length/forward
17 5 L - 17.5" seat with average width (L)
M20 - standard panels
RAG+5 - 5mm of foam added to the panels (panel thickness), RAG refers to the placement of the foam but not sure exactly what the RAG stands for
T1 - standard tree

Doesn’t seem to me like this is a legitimately wide saddle. Again not an expert, so anyone is welcome to correct me… BTW I have a 17.5 MW Antares I am looking to let go of, PM me if interested!

Thank you for the reply ! I have a feeling someone has tried to widen it and that’s a super bad thing.

Are you in Canada ? If you’re in Canada I’d be interested .

I’m in the US :confused: And I agree, probably would want to pass on that one