Antique carriage restoration

I have a pair of 19th century lanterns which I’m looking for information on! I’ve been told they were hearse lanterns? Brass, copper, original slivering and beveled glass. 28” tall. Any recommendations on expert advise?

Try the FB group Carriage Driving Turnout Forum.
Lots of good advice from drivers who compete ADS, CAA & know Turnout to a T.

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Contact John Greenall at Greenall Carriage House in Vermont for all things turnout and carriage history.
You could also contact Jill Ryder at the Carriage Association of America - I’m sure she could also point you in the right direction.

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The Luminary Shoppe is excellent for restoration and repair of Carriage lamps of any type. They are in Joliet MT. Phone is 406-670-8129. Very easy to deal with, lamps looked great when returned. They also sold some collectors lamps for us, got us a good price.