Any advice about working/riding overseas?

Hello COTHers :slight_smile:
So I got the amazing opportunity to go ride and work at a sales barn in the Netherlands this summer. I’m a 20 year old girl in college with plans to graduate, go pro, and live the rest of my life in this crazy horse business. I have worked for different trainers in all different parts of the US for the past 4 summers but decided I wanted to do something of a bit bigger scale this summer… Europe!
My current trainer met a man in WEF this winter and they hung out a lot so when I told her I wanted to ride/work in Europe she immediately thought of him. She met his family and got to know him so she knew it would be a great and safe situation. I have talked and emailed back and forth with him and worked pretty much everything out and I am set to leave beginning-mid May.

Now the excitement and nerves set in!
I know it will be hard work and long hours and I am very prepared for that. My job is going to be mainly riding but also grooming/work wherever it is needed. I figured I could come here to see if anyone else has had a similar experience?
I would love any advice to prepare myself for this adventure!

What a wonderful opportunity for you. I lived and rode in Switzerland when I was in high school. I learned a lot and soaked up the culture. Enjoy your journey and best of luck!

Take in every bit of knowledge you can! It is such a great experience to go overseas, you get to see a whole new world in terms of the industry! Be prepared to work and ride a lot, and make sure you do things other than just horse related activities. I really wish I did more exploring the last time I was over. Also remember the programs are very different overseas sometimes so be ready to adapt to it.

Have fun!

Be prepared to work hard and RIDE FORWARD!!! :wink:

This is going to sound weird but- enjoy the food!!!

I was a super-duper picky eater when I was over there the first time looking at horses, and every meal I had was SUPERB! (We’re not talking about 5-star restaurants, we’re talking about little cafes in tiny towns- yummmm!)

Been there done it… and two years later I am so grateful I did.

Go Go Go!

Enjoy! Soak everything in.