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any barns/boarding options in Durham/w raleigh area for us ? looking for utopia

I’m desperate people :grief::grief:
I have been searching Google like a mad woman to find something fitting for my gelding and nothing :no:

All I need is:

Greater Durham area,hills borough,Cary,w raleigh etc - me raleigh,apex,Garner is sadly way to far out.

Stall or pasture board
Ring w. Good footing and lights
Maybe a round pen
Good pastures
Would love if they have a kids lesson program or just a vibrant barn w. People to hack out
Also I ride western, so unless its an accepting barn…no show barns :slight_smile:
Not above $450

Thank you all so much :smiley:

Try talking to Diana Swanson at Tara Farm, she may know of something in that area.

There are TONS of options in that price range. You should join Triangle Area Equestrians on FB and post there. I’m not sure who’s full and who’s not at the moment, but you could pm Jeannette, formerly ponygirl and see if she has room (Durham). Crescent in Hillsborough has pasture board for $300 with lovely amenities and lots of grass. Pleasant Hill/Sharon Oaks in Hillsborough has limited grass, but they have good footing and lights. Lochhill Farm has great pasture boarding for $300, but I’m not 100% sure about lights. Finally Farm in W. Raleigh/Cary is owned by Yankeeturnedhillbilly and is a lovely facility–not sure what her board is though. Savannah Breeze in Pittsboro (closer than it sounds) is $500 I think, but nice. My gelding is there and VERY happy. Annie Nienaber is at Terrell’s Creek. I don’t know what she charges or what amenities she offers, but she’s a great horsewoman.

And there are tons more, but those are the ones off the top of my head. Other groups on FB to join: NC Horse News, NCHJA, NCDCTA.

^^^What Jen said. Be sure to join Triangle Area Equestrians.

I’m thinking that maybe you have to be invited to join that group though?

If that’s the case, PM me.