Any dressage barns near Greenwich Ct?!?

I’m looking for full care board for one horse, June-November, in the Greenwich CT area. Are there any barns around that don’t charge and a leg? I have no choice but to spend the summer there due to my work, and am really, really struggling to find a barn that is affordable ($2000 or under a month) I have no preference if it’s a Dressage or hunter/jumper barn provided the footing is decent and there’s turnout. I’m finding a lot of place are charging upwards of $2500-3000 a month! That is worse that the pricing in South Florida! Does anyone have any leads to help me out? Thank you in advance!

With lands prices approximately 1 million per acre, the only barns you will find in that price range within the immediate area are backyard places that may have room for an extra horse. You can check the Greenwich Riding & Trails Association website classifieds for these kinds of situations, as well as the Bedford Riding Lanes Association which is to the north.

My barn is close by, but does not fit your budget - although training is included.

How far are you willing to drive? That could open up a lot more options. Feel free to pm me if you want to discuss what is around.

There is also a facebook group “Connecticut Horsey Folk” where you could post your request.