Any experience with stone-coated steel roofing systems? Any recent quotes you can share for standing seam metal?

We’re soliciting quotes to re-roof our barn and shop. Has anyone here gotten a metal roof quoted within the last year, and willing to share the material $/square? I know installation and tear-off costs will vary by location and the building, but the base cost for the metal panels should be pretty comparable.

We requested standing seam metal, but first contractor that came out asked us to consider a stone-coated steel system from Rosen. This suggestion came after I mentioned that we may be eligible for a grant from a historic barn preservation program run by our state. Roofing sales guy said the roofing tiles would be a more historic look, which I agree with.

He’s claiming that this roof would be a major upgrade but they’re quoting the same cost as standing seam because they want the chance to be part of our barn restoration / grant application-- would be good PR. Of course I tend to take everything a sales guy says with a 50lb salt block.

Until I get some competing quotes I can’t tell how it compares to metal roof cost. And as a side note:
Gah!! it is so hard to get contractors to even look your way these days, never mind submit a quote. I mean, this project will be 5,000sq ft of roof when all is said and done, it’s not like some dinky shed in the suburbs. But still… crickets.

Stunning look with a possible grant too? Sounds like a winner if the manufacturer has been in business long enough to be assured they will be around to honor any warranty issues. Good luc in getting some more quotes.