Any hunter jumpers in Great Falls Montana?

Seems everyone ive met here is either a barrel racer or heavily into some western style of riding

406 arena in Vaughn has schooling type jumper shows. Not sure if they have a English trainer on site or what.

They dont have one for advanced i believe. I know they have one that comes a couple times a month from out of town.

Look up Georgia Dillon. Maybe in Kalispell area

Only trainers I really know of are in Bozeman or Billings. Didn’t realize how far Gfalls is. Not sure if there’s anyone in Helena. (Still aways from Gfalls)

There is a list of trainers and facilities on the Montana Hunter Jumper website. The only one I know is George Dillon (shows up and down the west coast), but she is way away from you.

Lise Quintero is in Three Forks! A quick google search shows that’s 2 hours from you but I would definitely drive that far for her! She is AMAZING trainer personality-wise, and obviously her resume speaks for itself.