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Any insight on these bloodlines?

I recognize almost none of these…

Halter horses, several that go back to Impressive. Some HYPP positive ones on those papers (Kid Clu for sure, possibly others).

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He’s 5 panel neg fortunately.

The only name on those papers that I am personally familiar with is Kid Clu. He is the grandsire of a very fancy gelding in the barn. Owned by a young girl (9 or 10) who does walk/jog, walk/trot all-around. Goes to all the major shows; numerous championships. A quirky horse in some aspects, but safe for the child and just packs around in the show pen. I loooove him and tease the girl that if he’s missing one day it’s because I stole him. He is 5-panel negative.

Agree with everyone else after a quick look through the pedigree. Pretty much halter bred, but that doesn’t mean he won’t ride well. A lot of those halter bred horses ride really well, they just weren’t asked to often.

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Make sure horse is HYPP negative. I see some carrier blood from Impressive. Like Kid Clu.

Several crosses Impresstoive. His sire DC Legacy is NN so noworries about HYPP there. DC L egacy is a gorgeous sorrel halter stallion that is double bred paint and quarter horse. Breeding might be limited if this is a mare or stallion. Tootsie Rolls Redford was an amzing halter mare from Robert Redford bloodlines, a massive red roan halter horse. Sierra Te was a stallion originally promoted by Jerry Wells from Oklahoma to be a cross for Impressive mares. He was tall and balanced but not the massive muscling that you see in halter. He was supposed to hit the tracks and earn his racing record but he had hereditary unsoundness issues and couldnt be raced. Mis Sure Skip is from a line of excellent Skipper W horses. They were good minded, pretty headed and colorful. Real people horses. Kids Classic Style was a massive buckskin halter horse with World Championship honors and he was NH so there is apossibility that this horse is NH also. I had a super nice gelding that was Impressive bred and he was NH and I never had a problem with him so dont worry too much if he is positive.

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