Any insight on these bloodlines?

I recognize almost none of these…

Halter horses, several that go back to Impressive. Some HYPP positive ones on those papers (Kid Clu for sure, possibly others).

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He’s 5 panel neg fortunately.

The only name on those papers that I am personally familiar with is Kid Clu. He is the grandsire of a very fancy gelding in the barn. Owned by a young girl (9 or 10) who does walk/jog, walk/trot all-around. Goes to all the major shows; numerous championships. A quirky horse in some aspects, but safe for the child and just packs around in the show pen. I loooove him and tease the girl that if he’s missing one day it’s because I stole him. He is 5-panel negative.

Agree with everyone else after a quick look through the pedigree. Pretty much halter bred, but that doesn’t mean he won’t ride well. A lot of those halter bred horses ride really well, they just weren’t asked to often.

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Make sure horse is HYPP negative. I see some carrier blood from Impressive. Like Kid Clu.