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Any luck using omeprazole other than Gastrogard to treat ulcers?

I always have ottbs coming in and out of my barn so I’m not unfamiliar with gastric ulcers. My question is has anyone had good luck with the more generic, cheaper options other than Gastrogard/Ulcergard? I’m looking particularly at HorsePreRace which sells a syringe for $12.99 as compared to $28-32 for Gastrogard most places. Or if anyone has any other cost effective options for treating ulcers I’d love to hear them!

Do a on search on here for “pop rocks” - several threads should come up.

I used the Abler granules (abprazole & absucralfate) for one of my horses and have had great success with it. I like the fact that it’s easier to administer (flavorless granules go right into his feed and there is no problem with syringing meds down his throat and having him spit half of it back out.)

agree with above posters – I’ve had success with Abler’s abprazole (blue pop rocks). Easy to feed and much more cost effective then GG.

I like the paste from Precision Pharmacy. You will need a script from your vet. Last time I purchased, it was ~$300 for 30 days of treatment dose, with overnight shipping.

As a pharmacist, I would caution you to do your research before buying a compounded omeprazole product. It’s notoriously unstable and most published data is for for a beyond use date of 7-14 days protected from light with refrigeration. I’ve seen some compounded jugs of it with beyond use dates of 6 months or more just sitting out in the heat at shows which seems insane to me. If you go with a compounding pharmacy, ask if they have done stability testing of their own product. If not, there’s a good chance you’re wasting your money.

Agree with others’ recommendations for the Abler products. I have used it on two horses with ulcers and it has been just as effective as Gastrogard and way easy and cheaper to use!