Any new textures in grooming gloves lately?

I have a couple pairs of the Hands On gloves and love them, but it looks like there are some new ones and it’s hard to tell exactly what texture they have from pictures. I’d like to expand my collection with any that have a noticeabley different texture (particularly something a little softer for the overly thin skinned would be nice). I really, really like that the HO gloves fit snugly, don’t slide around, have separated fingers, and have good mobility for bending your fingers…unlike the gloves of yore which were either a solid brush that strapped on or a floppy rubber mess. I have dreamed of having HO gloves but with the texture of a jelly scrubber (the scrubby side, not the massage side) so especially if there’s anything like that these days?

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I am the sponsorship chair for a large dressage show. This past weekend we had some gel type grooming gloves that we bought from Schneider’s for first place prizes. They were super popular! Haven’t tried them myself but plan to.


Chewy has something that looks interesting: Mr. Peanut’s Hand Gloves Dog & Cat Grooming & Deshedding Aid

On a whim I walked down the dog aisle of Tractor Supply one day and I found the “Retriever Palm Grooming Glove” which is basically the biggest, softest jelly curry I’ve ever seen, for only $7. My TB does not completely hate it like he hates my HandsOn Gloves. It’s not a true glove the way the HO is but it’s flexible and has separated finger slots that keep it from sliding around.

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Update on the Schneider’s gloves - they’re pretty amazing! Much thinner than the regular groom gloves. Think dish washing gloves. They go up past your wrist (for bathing). The little soft nubs pulled up a crap ton of baby fur on my horse. Like shedding a lot! More than my normal grooming gloves.
Highly recommend!!

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Any gloves that only come as a right hand glove? I never use the left ones…