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Any Opinions on Rivella Saddle?

Does anyone have opinions on the HDR Rivella saddles? I am in desperate need of a new saddle, however I am a full time college student and I don’t have the money to be able to buy my dream saddle. A woman is offering a 10 year old HDR Rivella, so it’s one of their older models ( I know the newer HDRs aren’t great). It looks very nice from the pictures she has sent me, but I want to get all the feedback I can before I even try it. Thanks!

Depending on the price and I would not pay over $400 for the saddle, it might be a good buy.
I had in the past tried a friend’s older HDR Rivella, it was fine. Worked well, wore well, no problems.

Though, a better bet, IMO, would be to take a look at used Collegiate’s.
In our area you can scoop up a Collegiate Post Grad for about $400-500 bucks.
I had one from brand new for several, several years and LOOVVEEDD it.
My friend, whom I ride with, has one and will never be separated from it.

NYE-I am an unapologetic tack snob, and right now, to my horror, I am using an HDR. What’s more, I don’t have one negative thing to say about it!

I got it last year when I needed a medium tree, and didn’t want to buy something new right then. The HDR fits my pony fine, and fits me just as well. It’s comfortable, secure, has held up under multiple daily rides, hunting twice a week, and day long camping trail rides. I’ve put my search for a new saddle aside. The HDR suits just fine, neither the pony or I have any complaints. Try one, it may suit you, too.