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Any QH Pedigree Experts Out There?

I have a reg. grulla QH mare I got through an auction rescue. I’ve read through her pedigree (thru AQHA and allbreedpedigree.com-- I filled in a lot of blanks there using the AQHA info) and am curious what anyone more knowledgeable could tell me about her bloodlines. I definitely recognize some of the names in there, like Sonny Dee Bar, Jet Deck, Joe Reed, Three Bars, Plaudit, foundations like Leo and King, but I can’t really glean too much from it. She does seem to have a fair amt of TB in there (including Man O War LOL) and some racing lines.

Here is the link to her entry:

Don’t know about her first two generations, they are not really that well known, but after that, there are some nice horses and not any that you would not want there.

She should be a nice mare and has many sensible genes back there, many old type, not the bulldog type, but the more ranch and performance show type back there.

Badger Mel was a stallion a local breeder had that we traded fillies with.
His colts were so nice, John Wayne had all bought for his AZ feedlot, so they only had fillies left for sale.
Many of those were some of the best ranch cutters, before the Doc Bars changed the game.

I would not use her to breed today, those bloodlines are not what people/the market wants today, except maybe as a far off outcross, but in their time, they were very nice ones.

You really can’t post that without a picture.:wink:

WOW, thanks! Even more insight than I’d hoped for!

According to the auction rescue description she was a working cow horse-- a team penner, etc. Contacted her previous owner a few days ago and it turns out she was actually used as a rented trail horse/broodmare (!!!) A LITTLE off, no? LOL

Here’s a headshot: http://i1331.photobucket.com/albums/w592/platypi76/Glory%20Glory/2013-03-08_11-35-45_350_zps353a4c4f.jpg

And under saddle for the very first time:

Her original auction pic shows her color better. I’d never seen a grulla in person before, and gosh is it stunning!