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Any way to find out how many calories are in a specific feed?

Just wondering if there is a ball park estimator based on the labeled feeding instructions? I have a gelding on Co-op Advantage 1400 and it is labeled for “mature active horses” 0.75 to 1.5% of body weight per day. It’s a 14% feed and the full label is here


Just thought Id ask as I didn’t see anything after a quick internet search.


I think your best bet is to call or e-mail the manufacturer and ask them. There really isn’t a way to accurately guess based on the analysis. With only 6% fat and being wheat based, I’d guess the 1300-1400 Calorie/lb range, but that’s total handwaving.

There are some charts out there but there are so many different feed mills that only the big mfgs are covered, I’d say CD has the best advice for OP’s case.

Thank you! That is about what I thought but it was worth a try. Guess Ill give them a call tomorrow:)