Any Zangersheide Breeders in USA

I’m wondering if there are breeders in the USA that have Zangersheide Registry youngsters?

I realize there are available ‘Z’ stallions and imported semen but I have not come across any Zangersheide registry horses that have been born in USA.

The youngsters born here by Zangersheide stallions or out of ‘Z’ mares; all seem to be registered in other organizations than Zangersheide.

If there are some breeders, stateside, I would like to take a look at websites and any social media pages. Links appreciated. For a future horse purchase. I like the registry and buy born in USA.

Thank you!!

If there are no USA Zangersheide breeders, then for any one wanting a Zangersheide registry horse; the option is to buy one that someone already has imported or import one yourself? Correct?

Currently there are no Zangersheide inspections in the US. But there are multiple breeders that register their foals with the Zangersheide studbook, including myself. Please let me know if you have any questions. I use Zangersheide because their fees are reasonable and they are so customer centric. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank you caballogirl!

Im particularly interested in Zangersheide because my perception is that their requirements for approved breeding stock is beyond that of the other registries which seem to be more about $$ than quality.

I’m not a breeder. Just an owner. Looking towards the future.