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Anyone around Topeka, KS willing to ship a saddle to me?

I have found a must have saddle around Topeka, KS that I am trying to purchase. I live in New Mexico, so pick up is a bit far for in person.

The seller is apprehensive about shipping at this point, and I am trying to find alternatives before the saddle is sold to another.

Would anyone here be willing to pick up the saddle and ship it to me for a fee?

If anyone would understand the plight of a saddle just out of reach, well… hundreds of miles out of reach, it would be someone here!

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I’m closer to you than to Kansas, but am curious. Is the seller apprehensive because they’re afraid of being scammed? Or are they simply worried about the entire shipping process?

The last two saddles I sold and shipped, I was paid through Zelle or Venmo so I got the cash right away. Then I just took the saddles to FedEx and paid to have them choose the right box and securely pack it. They did a great job and it wasn’t as expensive as I expected.

Anyway, I hope you get things worked out so you can get that great saddle!


They seem to be worried about the shipping process, specifically the expense and packaging, which I said I would of course cover. I am hoping the seller will do exactly as you did with your saddles.

I just found a local errand runner who is on standby to pick up and ship if need be, I really really like this saddle. :joy:

The seller is going to find out today the cost to send and get back to me. I know that shipping can be a big hassle for some people depending on logistics, if that turns out to be the problem my errand runner is ready!

I really hope the saddle fits the horse it’s intended for, otherwise I might have to get…an additional horse for the saddle. :wink:

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Well, of course! If you require the services of an enabler, I’m here for you. :grin:


use a UPS Store, 4011 SW 29th St Topeka, KS 66614 they can package and then ship whatever

I have no idea as to cost, but UPS Stores have “Certified Packing Experts” on staff

Thank you, Clanter. I am going to hire a local errand runner to do just that. There seems to be great hesitancy in the seller handling this portion of the process.

Still hoping for a good outcome here!

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I’m interested in how this turns out for you. Hope you get the saddle!

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Bitter sweet update!

The sweet part: I convinced the seller to drop the saddles off for shipping and packaging…She had two :roll_eyes::joy:very nice saddles for an unbelievable deal…they are on the way! (Please fit!)

The bitter part is how much it cost to ship them…Let’s just say Mr. Kooky doesn’t need to know those types of details.

I still got a smoking deal realistically for two, but holy smokes it was about 3 times higher than the initial estimate to ship. I had the girl on the phone for a while but evidently that was the best they could do.

It basically worked out to buy one get one free, price wise. At least, that’s my coping mechanism for the shipping rate.

It’s the price I pay(ed) for living in an equestrian wasteland. Even so, can’t wait to try them out!


I believe this is an art that has been perfected by horsewomen the world over. :grin:

I’m glad the saddles are on their way to you, despite the shipping costs. Are they western show saddles with lots of silver? Or roping saddles with heavy trees? I think the most I paid to ship through FedEx was around $200 and that included packing it for me.

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Mr. Kooky and I try to have respectful lines of divide. I never ask how much he spends on beer and he almost never asks about the tack. :joy:

One saddle is an older Ryon rope saddle that is big enough to fit Mr. Kooky and hopefully his horse. He is tall and long limbed and apparently allergic to the fancier silver saddles I have previously tried to win him over with. This is the excessive shipping culprit.

The other is a lighter and fancier trail saddle that should fit my little red Bowie gelding and look lovely.

Really hoping to trade in all my good karma points in return for both of these saddles fitting their intended destinations.

I even made a loose promise to the saddle fitting Gods, that I would send one saddle MAYBE two, to a consignment place as a sacrifice.

If anyone knows of a tried and true saddle fitting dance, please let me know.

I sort of figured one of these was a roping saddle. They’re so heavy! No wonder it cost so much to ship it. Fingers crossed they fit. Or fit “good enough” that you can help them fit with decent pads and shims.

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I really believe there are some things you don’t share with your non horsey spouse if it isn’t absolutely necessary!