Anyone buying new horse trailers now?

in a similar situation here Home Buyers in DFW are seeing builders back away from signed contracts on new homes unless the buyer kicks in ten of thousands of additional dollars.

Having dealt with contracts for Decades… I suspect that unless there is an enforceable escalation clause within the executed contract … these will head to court

So if you have a signed by both parties contract for horse trailer that states a specific cost without an escalation clause then one might want to talk with an attorney

Gee, may even be a violation of the RICO Act if these escalations where found to have been organized between manufacturers (and then there is that pesky old Sherman Anti Trust Act against conspiracy)… all over a horse trailer

I was looking at purchasing a trailer this year, but I’ll wait. That surcharge is hefty and used trailers are going so fast. Hopefully everything will be in a better place next spring.

It takes time and money to update costs across the board and to update pricing and distribute that information that may have to change again at any time

So? then the manufacturer needs to invest the resources to update their horse and buggy operation. These days with a stroke of key a pricing sheet can be updated. Personally I would never sign an open ended escalation clause contract even if my deposit was fully refundable.

Actually for decades I worked in manufacturing, both in the US and Mexico. I have a fair grasp on contracts and contract laws and am fully aware that often even though one is dealing with a large well know product source that they may or may not have a clear understanding as to what is legal and enforceable

I went to the fair last weekend and the horse trailer seller could only bring one trailer. They didn’t have any more on their lot. And the one she did bring had already sold before it got to the fair! They usually reserve this huge area to try and sell the trailers, and this year it looked pretty sad with just that one trailer in it.

Crazy. I have a spare trailer, maybe I should try selling it now.

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I ordered an Equi-Trek in June that (for now) looks like it’ll be here in November. Bockmanns were also available to order, though I don’t recall what their delivery timeline was for a custom. Those were honestly the only two 2h trailers I could readily get price or delivery quotes on when I was looking in the spring. Other dealers were saying they didn’t have anything, didn’t know when they could get it, or just not responding.

I do think I could have eventually found a reasonable used one. I just don’t really have the time or desire to be combing through listings and driving out to look at trailers that are hours away. So, Equi-Trek it is!


How is all of this affecting trade in value? I’ve been wanting to trade in for a while but haven’t been in a spot financially to take on a new trailer. And last time I had a dealership look at my trailer, they wouldn’t have offered a ton (needs some cosmetic repairs). I’m curious if/how the hot used market is affecting trade ins. If I could manage without, I would sell it outright and wait for new prices to come down. But I can’t be without a trailer…

The trade in value I was offered from 2 dealers is considerably lower than what the market for a similar used trailer is selling for. I got quotes from two places and they were similar for the trade in…both about $10k less than what I’ve seen equivalent trailers selling for right now. I am planning on putting mine up for sale once I have a delivery date on the new trailer (don’t want to be without one in case of emergency). My current one should be easy to sell (fingers crossed) given the features and condition it is in. Worst case I could opt to do the trade in at the last minute…but I would like to get a lot more $ than the trade in offers.

What was the ordering process like with Equi-Trek? I really want one, but haven’t had a chance to reach out to them yet.

Pretty smooth! I’d requested brochures and general pricing a few months before I placed the order and let them know I was considering Equi-Trek along with some other options. When I got closer to actually pulling the trigger I asked for more details on options and timelines. Placing the order was as simple as filing out a form, reviewing the order, and placing a deposit. All over email except the deposit payment. I’ve had to follow up on a question here and there, but they’ve always been super friendly and had an answer when they did get in touch.

Honestly I doubt it would make trade ins go up much. It’s always better to sell a trailer outright if you can. The problem is that as a trailer dealer they pretty much have to fix any issues in order to sell and the cost of parts right now is super high. If you purchase a trailer from a person, you are ok with the fact that the one window has a small hole in the bottom, one is missing a screen, the floor mats need to be replaced because a horse started digging to China, the latch to hold the door open is missing, etc. but as a dealership you gotta fix those issues.

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I really like their trailers. The space trekka is on my wish list.

@StormyDay and @SweetMutt I was just in touch with EquiTrek about upgrading my trailer and they said factory build was slow over summer, shipping time was normal though, but there was a shipping surcharge.

Yeesh. I need a beefier truck and a bigger trailer, but uhhh… I think I’ll be waiting until like 2025…

That explains the (relatively minor, in the grand scheme of it all) factory delay on mine. Fingers crossed it’s done this coming week and ships out promptly!

(Also - Hi from Cavalier and Odey! :smiley:)

Well I’m trying but the dealer seems to just want to sell what’s on their lot, not place an order with the options I need. They came up with a number then … never asked for a deposit, never sent a quote. I have a job already, I’m not going to spend time chasing them down. Maybe I’ll move on to the next closest dealer for that brand and try again.

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This weekend we drove past the dealership where I had purchased my (Hawk) trailer. Usually there are over 30 trailers visible from the road. This time I saw about 6, and half of those looked as if they were older trailers in for refurbishment.

A friend I ride with was at the All American Quarter Horse Congress two weeks ago, and she said there were very few new trucks and trailers. That is usually the place to go if you really want to look. She said trailers that were marked sold were closed and locked, which is usually not the case.