Anyone care to comment on this TB pedigree? (for sport)

Well I’ll comment for ya. It’s not a local pedigree to me, but it’s a nice pedigree. For sport, I like AP Indy quite a bit, and Raise a Native is classic. A son of Secretariat (Council Rock) stood at stud locally, and produced a horse who ended up jumping around in the local Grand Prix division (she had been stabled just down the shedrow from me at the track and was bred and owned by a friend of mine, and she never caught my eye LOL- she didn’t look “special”). Most of the rest of it is well liked in racing circles, not as often touted for sport as far as I know, (but this is inconsequential). Malibu Moon has been a successful stallion for a long time back East, there should be lots of them around, and even in this day and age of OTTBs being “unpopular” as top show prospects, perhaps some have been tried for sport by some skilled and experienced riders and trainers. I’ve never known one myself, but I’d give one a try if he looked the part.

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Oooh, two of my absolute favorites— Malibu Moon and Seeking The Gold. Both tend to have really pretty offspring with great necks/shoulders, good bone, strong hindquarters, nice movement. Both stallions had iffy temperaments themselves (as did Kris S) but I don’t really see a lot of that come through in their offspring. Instead, they both tend to get the workman-like horse that just wants to understand their job and do it and will be irritated to different degrees if their stupid human messes that up. :rofl:

If I were going to breed my ideal TB, it would probably look something like this on paper.

I’d have to do some googling, but I’m pretty sure there are some Malibu Moons up and coming to the upper levels of eventing.

ETA: OH! Duh! Phillip Dutton’s 5* horse Sea of Clouds is a Malibu Moon son.


Thank you! I thought this looked like a really promising sport pedigree. We will investigate further.