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Anyone drinking Matcha? Notice any health benefits?

Matcha is powdered green tea, and a new fad here. Is anyone a fan? If so which brand do you prefer? TIA!!!

Hasn’t powdered green tea been around in chinese grocers for ever? I remember buying in the 80’s. Anyway, I can’t see the difference between steeping it in a bag or powdered, except for the fine residue of the powdered, which makes me gag. I never noticed any noticeable health benefits from drinking green tea. I like it waiting for my sushi, but there certainly isn’t anything noticeable about green tea. In my opinion.

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it is an acquired taste, as a tea, for sure. It has a different mouth feel.
I have not tried adding it to rice or baked items .

I have Christmas Matcha that a friend brought me from a trip. It is produced seasonally

I regularly drink Genmaicha ( roasted rice tea / popcorn tea) I find it smooth and savory compared to conventional teas. It is a loose product and far more economical than coffee.

I drink it to enjoy it rather than feel like there is any “health benefit”. Green tea often gives me a bit of a hot flash about 1 hour after drinking, It is brief. The caffeine does not buzz and crash like coffee.

I am definitely a fan! My usual brand is the affordable choice at my local health food store. It’s distributed by Green Foods Corp. and costs just under $17 for 5.5 oz (significantly less than the other brands there). It’s a white jar with a label that simply says Organic Matcha Green Tea. The ones that are twice as expensive might be better, but I consider them out of my price range for a daily cuppa.

The directions suggest 2 tsp. per 8 oz. cup of water, but I use less and a slightly larger cup. I don’t let the water get too hot, and I simply stir in the powder, briskly, with an iced teaspoon, rather than whisk it into a bowl (as served in tea rooms) - it still gets a little foamy on top, similar to when whisked.

Can’t say that I can directly attribute any specific health benefits to it, but I am healthy and I have been drinking green teas forever, since way before the current trend. I find it very soothing to sip a cup of matcha; it doesn’t give me a buzz at the strength I prepare it.

Thanks all. Thanks Jarpur that was very helpful. :slight_smile:

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I absolutely adore matcha, probably in an unhealthy way. I get the Matcha Love brand from Wegmans (if you have them where you are). There’s an art to making it properly — whisk with water before mixing with milk (in my case). I discovered a matcha stand near my job over the summer and the number of iced matcha drinks and ice cream servings I consumed in the span of those first three weeks was troubling! I literally had to ban myself. Others will have more to add on the health benefits that are plentiful (in moderation I’m sure).

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