Anyone else cry when a pet of internet fame dies?

Ugh. Cole of Cole and Marmalade fame was PTS this weekend and I’m on my second Kleenex. He was 9 years old, developed sinus cancer, was treated with radiation and chemo but came back with a vengeance as renal cell carcinoma. Being a cat person, I have been there but it is amazing how this can affect us when we have never met this family or their pet.

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I’ve gotten attached to several of the dogs at Takis’ Rescue in Crete. They have a FB presence with a lot of live feeds daily and a YT channel as well. It’s rewarding to see rescued puppies progress from sickly, anemic, and worm-infested to romping about making mischief.

This past week they lost a sweet guy, Nano, to congestive heart failure. Someone found Nano abandoned and tied to a tree earlier this year; he was ill with leishmaniasis and likely the owner didn’t know what was wrong and/or didn’t have the means to treat him. The rescue got him treatment and he had several happy months of love and fun with his new dog and human family before he died. I will miss seeing him on the feeds.

Since you’re a cat person - this rescue does take in cats as well and they live a good life until they’re adopted or pass from age.

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