Anyone else try FeldenFit?

I’m on Day 5, and so far, I don’t get it. It’s supposed to increase body awareness/fitness/symmetry, presumably with an emphasis for riding, but I don’t feel like I’m getting anything out of it. Ok, so I notice when XX body part is doing XX, so what? The exercises aren’t hard (ok, it’s not about building muscle, fine), but it’s just… boring. Am I alone in this? What am I missing? Does it get better? Should I keep plugging on?

I was close to joining until I watched the demo video and realized I would have a hard time isolating the “parts” of my body. It seemed too much for me, LOL

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I haven’t heard of this, but have taken Feldenkrais classes many years ago. No, it isn’t exercise. It’s more of an awareness of your body while doing those simple movements. It made a big difference in my riding—I was much more even, which helped my horse. Also my posture had never been better. Stick with it an you will notice subtle changes over time.

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Body awareness - exactly. I guess I thought this one particular modality would have some component of exercise or fitness given the FeldenFIT name. Maybe I should just look for a good ol’ Feldenkrais practitioner instead.

I am doing it. My horse happened to go lame just when it started, so I did two weeks without riding, and then got back on Friday night, which gave me a chance to compare. My mare is always quite crooked due to physical challenges, and I can’t always tell when I’m straightening her vs. just compensating. I will say I felt much more centered and aware of where the actual straightness was in my seat. It wasn’t hugely profound, but it definitely felt different. I’m already pretty flexible, but I think it’s helping me route out some sticky spots in my hip flexibility that were limiting the some of my finer seat aids.

It definitely does not take the place of a fitness routine, but I like that I can get it done in just a few minutes a day, and it doesn’t bore me as much as yoga.

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