Anyone ever bought horse tack at World Cup Games?

My Mom and I are going to the World Cup Games for the first time this year. So excited as I get to take my Mom to Vegas and also hang out with a lot of horses and horse people - win win!!
Has anyone been before? Is this a place where we can expect to get good deals on horse tack? I am looking for a saddle and new boots for my horse (hunter jumper) Not sure if I should take extra dollars or wait until I get back home. Any one have any ideas if this is a place to score some good deals??

I would say that the WC is not a place to find deals on large tack items like saddles. Lots of vendors, there is a list posted in one of the WC threads. Smaller items like T shirts, apparel, jewelry, browbands, smaller tack items, commemorative items, etc are abundant. I would not say there are deals to be had, unless vendors want to clear out on Sunday before packing up. But shopping? Yes, there is plenty of shopping! :smiley:

Link to vendor list:

I think a big plus in the tack department is seeing so many different brands. Most of the major companies are there so you can sit in a variety of saddles and get the name of your local rep. Also I like to feel the quality of the leather even if I do not buy there. Lots of vendors who I do not see locally so a treat for me as hate ordering something on line without having seen it.

I bought a used Butet saddle there and it was a reasonable price. Carried it home on the plane.

I’ve bought both horse boots at the show and clothes for me me me!

I bought horse boots the last time the WC was in Vegas. As someone else wrote, the best aspect is being able to see and touch the stuff in person.

Just think about how you’re going to get it home. I bought a two-piece lunge whip at Rolex one year. It did not fit in my suitcase so I figured I’d just carry it on. After all, it didn’t take up much room. Unfortunately airport security decided that it was weaponizable due to the metal cylinder that you stuck the other part in. Fortunately, some really nice Delta gate people grabbed some boxes which we used flat to encase the thing. Sadly, it was a bit of a bust as it didn’t work particularly well.