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Anyone familiar with Equine Health & Performance Products?

A horse professional I work with is a strong advocate against feeding commercial grains due to GMOs and really just the crap fillers they use (ex soy hulls). I want to do what is best for my horses so I entertained her.

She recommended Equine Health & Performance Inc.

They sell different types of “supplements” to completement horses diets depending on their circumstances (type, work load, age, weight, health concerns, etc.). Their product would be fed with some combination of BP, grass pellets (timothy and/or orchard), rice bran, alfalfa pellet/cube diet and cut out TMR (Total Mixed Ration/ Commercial Grain).

They have virtualy no reviews/ comments online. They don’t really have an active website. They do have a facebook page. All their business is done over the phone.

She told me I would end up saving money using their products over smartpaks with commercial grain.

I just got my bill. One month of their products made my heart stop. Maybe once I cut the commercial grain out it will work out closer to the same but it certainly will not be a huge savings. The suggested products are not free either, not to mention they recommended one of my horses to be on a higher level ($110/month) of their product. Her grain and supplements have never cost $110/month.

Hoping someone has some experience and can tell me this really is the best thing I can do for my horses…

A brief perusal of their website with it’s extravagant claims and pseudo-science sets off the old BS meter.

I love the smell of BS in the morning…

Save your money. These people are nutz.


They are amazing! My horse had tumors and after 10 months no tumors or ulcers!! They are not bs and the manager is amazing she helped me with questions and discounts anyone who has bad things to say just didn’t try it that’s that!

I’m glad you smell bs in the morning that means you must not being doing right towards you horses this company has made something amazing and has been awarded for bringing a horse back to life so think again about what you say before someone calls you out on your bs for breakfast!



Dear Child,

Nothing sets the old BS meter to pinging like a brandy-new poster resurrecting a zombie thread to praise whatever snake oil is being peddled.

I may be wrong, but my horses appear to me to be doing just fine without benefit of whatever nostrum this is–I’ll need to go back and check the original posts.


So is the claim being made that these products cure cancer?

And ulcers too! Maybe it can resurrect horses from the dead!

You might want to figure out who you are accusing on BS before you call them out. I would wager Ghazzu has done more good for the well being of more horses than you could ever begin to imagine!

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What a shame that someone asked a completely legitimate question and the thread immediately degraded and takes an ugly turn! This attitude stops me from posting/sharing on here most of the time.

Back to the OP’s question - yes, I am very familiar with this product line. Yes, their website is the worst. The lady who runs the company does not really market it well, at all. Having said that, my highly successful (USDF Gold Medalist) trainer uses this on all her horses and they all look and feel amazing! The products are very high quality. The ONLY reason I do not use them for my mare, is the cost; however, I do give her a combo of supplements that I feel are important and she is totally grain free. She looks and feels awesome.


And what is the cost?

LOLOLOL!! You resurrect a thread in order to call people names then admit you don’t use them because they are expensive?! Good thing the owner isn’t good at marketing, she may not realize the disservice you have done to her brand.