Anyone have a bua saddle?

I am really curious if you have tried some longer now? And what are your experiences? Or anyone else?
I’m also interested, but so little experiences online yet. Am looking to try one myself soon. Any experience is welcome!

A good friend of mine, who is a Grand Prix dressage rider, trialed them when in Ireland. She speaks highly of them and said there is, if anything, more feedback from the horse with a BUA saddle. I love the concept - seems much more forgiving on the horses back.

I’ve had mine for a little over a month now. I’ve taken green beans XC schooling in it, taken it on long hacks, and hunter paced in it. It has fit every single horse I put it on at the barn where I board, but it did NOT fit a pony!! Anyway, it’s absolutely awesome and I love it. If anyone is going to be at GHF3DE I will be there as a vendor for BUA! If you are interested in a trial they are available in the US through

Why did it not fit the pony? Large or small pony? Mutton withers? I know your post was in March but I have a back injury and think this saddle may get me going again.

Hi Hayla,
The pony was a German Sport pony… So large in size (right around 14 hands) but petite and narrow. The saddle slid forward over his shoulders. If you have any other questions please let me know!

Thank you. I have a quarter horse pony and a pony of unknown (and somewhat strange breeding) they both have fairly wide barrels. Quarter pony has a good wither but the other pony is mutton withered. They are both about 14.1hh. They are both rising 4 and the only reason they don’t have much training on them is my back problems. There is a dealer in my area with a demo saddle. I will give that try and see if I have the same result. Thank you for replying. I am trying to figure out what saddle to buy for both current horses and older beat up me! There are so many to choose from now!

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If anyone is looking to try a Bua, we are now US sellers on the East Coast. We’re in Virginia, but we can ship saddles for trial in the Continental US, or local trials available. We have the dressage/endurance, jumper, GP, and Performance/Hunt models available, as well as the Equigetic Sternum Relief girth pad.
We originally bought a Bua for ourselves because it fits so many different horses, and we were tired of having to replace or adjust saddles as horses changed shape. As other folks have noted, it doesn’t need custom fitting and doesn’t command custom prices (although there are options for adjusting panels, flocking, and stirrup location) and the horse will tell you pretty quickly whether they like it or not. (Most do!) As we got used to it we found we prefer riding in it, too, and we like being able to change out the options for different uses (knee blocks for hunting or jumping, plain flaps for low level or flat work). We’re on facebook (search @IrishSaddles ).