Anyone have a bua saddle?

Or has anyone tried one/seen one in person? I’m still waiting for reports!

Interesting, looks like an Orthoflex or Reactor panel along with some features of the treeless saddles from the endurance world.

Anyone else unable to see “BUA” without thinking of the Barefoot Uber Alles?

They look really comfortable. A woman I know who saw them at the Royal Dublin Show said they look like a good product.

So it’s treeless?

I’m also very curious! Seems like a genuinely different/new tree design… or take on the tree anyway.

I’m really not a fan of any truly tree-less designs I’ve seen in person, and none of my most trusted horse people have cared to make an argument in favor of (though several against!).

There has to be someone on COTH with a connection or who has tried one somewhere, who are you and what did you think!?

I have a friend who bought one but has had to travel since it arrived. I’m going to start pestering her for reports - they sound cool. Anyone know the general price range??

2000 Euro, so around $2800 CAD or $2100 USD. for the “set” - since they’re modular you can order different flaps/parts etc. They look very, very interesting.

Thanks, kashmere! I confess, I’m lazy: I poked around a bit this summer when I first saw info, and sent a note to my friend to look for them at the Dublin show, but I so appreciate having people around who are willing to follow the links, surf the web, and share their findings! :slight_smile:

Interesting. I wonder how those would go over in the hunter ring.

I’m not sure I like the look of the seat myself. It looks ummmmm squishy. Of course, it might be the most comfortable thing in the world. If it feels amazing for the rider and the horse, then it’s worth it.

:smiley: My pleasure. I often ask the internet to google things for me, so I know the feeling!

I think they’re a little strange looking, but the overall design and concept seems very interesting in terms of comfort and function for horse and rider.

I think the thing that looks funny for me is the drop off between seat and flap. It looks kind of like you’d be sitting on a lump without any support between the seat and flap for the inner thigh area. It seems odd. I’d love to hear reviews from anyone that’s sat on one.

This looks very interesting, I would like to see one in person or even try one out. I can’t imagine that the rider would be able to feel shifts in the horse’s weight though…the seat is floating. Are there any reviews? The design is very cool, but I would really want to try it before committing to it.

I emailed the company and asked them to bring their product to Ocala for the winter circuit…so I could try one! They were very nice and said they were going to try and get some people to start selling them state-side this year. They are really too new for anyone here in the US to give a response. Hopefully this winter some sellers will come.

Wow, that is way less than I expected. Are there any US sellers yet?

I’m skeptical. They look bulky. I would hate to have a horse buck in “trek” mode. I study biomechanics & I’d love to get my hands on one to try & study.

The seat and modular configuration remind me of the WOW saddles:

I used to have one for my mare, which got sold when the mare got sold. You can’t feel the “dropoff” between the seat and the flap at all (but then, I’ve got round thighs. Maybe someone skinnier with a thigh gap would feel it). It was an interesting saddle, and I bought it cheap off Ebay, but the problems I had with it were a) bulky . There is a LOT of saddle between you and your horse, and b) heavy. For some reason, that sucker, which was a monoflap, weighed a lot.

So, I can’t say anything about the BUA, but the WOW saddles seem similar.

rode in the Bua today

I saw an article on these saddles a few weeks ago and posted to my facebook. One of my friends on there had purchased a Bua and did not like it, so she sent it for me to try out. I rode in it today for the first time. It was, different. Very lightweight, comfortable seat. Feels kind of like riding bareback with stirrups… I’m going to try it somemore and see what I think. I’ll keep you updated!

Interesting! Thanks for the report. I’m interesting in seeing what you think of it after a little time.