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Anyone have experience with pleuropneumonia and returning to mid-level competition?

Hi all! My mare shipped from NC to CA and unfortunately came down with a bad case of pleuropneumonia (shipping fever). Luckily the vet hospital 2 miles from her new home had experience with this and knew how to treat it. She spent 10 days in the hospital and has been home about 2 weeks.

Her recheck yesterday was good. Bloodwork is almost normal. She’ll be on chloramphenicol for another 2 weeks at least. There are 8x8cm lesions on both her lungs that the vet is hoping will become scar tissue.

I asked her what this meant for her prognosis for future competition and she said she’d be fine as a lower level horse (no racing or long distance endurance). She’ll get at least 3 months off and then 3 months of hand walking before I even begin to ride her but I was disappointed by that prognosis … I purchased her to be my 1.20m jumper. She’s got such heart and a great build for it (2012 TB, 16.3h, long legs). It’s selfish but I just want to jump around with her. I’ve only had her since December and was already taking my time with her and this has just set us back so far.

Of course my priority is her happiness. I was just hoping to hear a word of encouragement or a similar story with a happy ending that I can look forward to. TIA :slight_smile:

Each case would be different, depending on how damaged the lungs are.

However, I knew one several years ago who was pretty sick with shipping fever and then returned to upper level eventing. My own TB had pretty serious pneumonia as a two year old and then raced lightly before being rehomed for non respiratory reasons.

If there is a hyperbaric chamber near you, you could consult with your vet about putting her in there a few times. To help lung healing.

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Thank you! I’m definitely planning to take it slow - one day at a time