Anyone have one of those "Hybrid Halters"?

I have a few leather halters lying around, and a bag of hardware I’ve poached over the years. I want to try and make one of these things myself, because they’re not cheap!

If you have one, do you mind taking close-up pictures of some attachment points? I think I can see how they did it in the picture, but close up pictures would be better!


I happen to have one at home so I took a bunch of photos. Let me know if you want something more specific. The knots are secured with an adhesive.


Perfect. Looks like they poke a hole in the rope, thread the loose end through, and then burn/melt the whole thing?

That’s what it looks like to me, too. here are three photos of the same knot (in the top/middle of each photo)

I got it. They go through twice. The first they just squeeze it through. The second they burn/glue.

Thank you!!

No problem!! I will say, I LOVE my hybrid halters. I have two (cob and full) and I get lots of compliments on it and it’s very easy to use. I also have a lead rope and a long working rope that people ask to borrow all the time because they are also great quality.

So - they are worth the price if you decide to splurge! She has sales sometimes too.


The leather halters I have are triple stitched track type halters that came with the horses. I’m pumped to put them back to use, I hate leather just sitting around.

The leather tabs for the nose piece will be a little tricky!

I’ll keep my eye out for sales, thank you a million for the pictures!

The process is called splicing. With just one tool and some youtube videos, you can learn how to do it. Not difficult and it gives you options rather than just tying a knot.


Thank you!

I also love my hybrid halter, but they are spendy. Will be interested to see how your DIY approach works.

The only part that’s going to be tricky/janky is how the attachment to the nose piece goes. They have a pretty leather tab there, my hands are already laughing at the idea of hand stitching that type of material, so I may end up with nylon there.

Pliers! Waxed thread and needle pulled through with pliers with the holes pre-punched with an awl, you don’t need to abuse your hands. There’s a historic costumer (Nicole Rudolph or Morgan Donner) who has a video about sewing with leather, I think it’s probably Nicole since shoes are her jam.


@endlessclimb would their Hybrid Halter Lite work for you? That’s what I use so I can also turnout with it. They range from $19.99 - $29.99. I think it works just as well as the leather ones as the most important feature is the rope/nose knots. Just sayin’…

It would, but I’ve got these leather halters in a bin doing zeros, I’d like to put them to use or I should get rid of them. I hate things just sitting around lol

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Ah, I see! If they’re in good condition, maybe clean/polish them up and sell on Ebay, etc? But I know how it is having expensive gear hanging around!