Anyone in Portland, OR or Clark County, WA Need Teff Hay (have load to split)

Just in case anyone else is looking, I have found some nice Central Oregon teff hay that I can have brought over, but the guy only wants to haul a full load, which for him is 11 tons. I can take 5 or 6 tons so if there is anyone in this area that might want the other half of the load, let me know. Teff price is $325/ton delivered and stacked. He could also do orchard if preferred but I don’t have the price on that. I really need teff for my IR guy, so hoping to work this out! If interested, send me a PM and I’ll provide the hay guy’s name and number. He does hay for one of my very picky breeder friends as well as one of the high end hunter barns in Portland, so he does good hay.

Teff hay can be hit or miss. I’d be interested in the price per bale of the Orchard. We are in Vancouver, WA area.

I couldn’t find anyone to split with me, so had to go with another supplier. Being a small buyer, needing more than I can efficiently haul myself but less than a semi, sure puts me at a disadvantage.